Koh Lanta Night Life – Where’s The Party?

Koh Lanta nightlife is not the same crazy all-night madness as Phuket and Koh Phi Phi, but there’s plenty of partying if you know where to go

Koh Lanta Nightlife - Beach Party Sign
Koh Lanta Nightlife - Beach Party Sign

One of the advantages of Koh Lanta is all the main resorts and beaches are on the west coast which means you can watch some beautiful sunsets enjoying a cool beer or a delightful cocktail. Then later at night if you would like some fun you might think: where’s the party?

Koh Lanta is well known for being family orientated and one of the nicest and most chilled out islands in Thailand. But if you like a party, there is a party every night of the week on Koh Lanta – you just need to find it. Many bars hold their own special nights once a week which helps filling the bars and creating a better atmosphere. If you’re not sure where to go, look on the noticeboards outside the 7-11 shops as all events will have posters up a few days prior advertising them. Also if you are driving along the road at night and see a driveway lit up with many candles and lanterns that is an indication of a party in progress.

If you’re staying in the beach areas listed below, walk along the beach or roadside and you will find some great bars.

Klong Dao:

This is the family beach and all along the beach outside every resort you will find many beach bars playing various styles of music. All the bars have chairs on the beach and small candles to give it a warm atmosphere. There are not many parties here however two bars which need mentioning are the Indian Bar located at the Banana Garden Home and also the Koala Bar which is situated in the Ocean View Resort which serves the best food, coldest beers on draught and also amazing cocktails.

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Koh Lanta does not have sex tourism like many other Thailand destinations. If you are looking for that then when you arrive on Koh Lanta then you will be disappointed. There’s nothing like the go-go bars of Phuket or Centerpoint entertainment complex in Ao Nang. The most wild Koh Lanta nightlife gets is the small strip of Karaoke Bars along Klong Dao road. Just look out for the twinkly Christmas lights where the ladies will give you a warm welcome, but the downside to this is you will have to listen to some appalling singing which they think is good – better stick to Mr. Guitar.

Mr.Guitar is found near the karaoke bars in Klong Dao is a place go listen to some great live music. The one advantage is they have an open mic so if your good with a guitar, or percussion and can sing it’s all yours. Some nights it really does rock and can be impressive with the vibe.

Long Beach (Phra Ae)

Along Long Beach there are many bars all clustered together along one strip of 500 meters of road check out the Irish Embassy, Ned Kellys, Shooters, Galaxy Bar, Opium Bar, Bajen Sports Bar and the Sari Club. All these are very small bars and are dwarfed by the two storey Funky Monkey, the newest and biggest bar on the island. It is built just of the road and is a great place on any night to enjoy a bucket or two. It also offers free pool tables and is great to watch sports with many t.v scattered around. Further along this road you will find a weekly gay night at the Cozy Guest House, starting around 20:00 every Monday night. You and friends are welcome to spend a gay friendly night with open minded people, good music, live acoustic performances a laid back atmosphere. Please don’t forget everyone is welcome! the only requirement is an open mind. Check out there Facebook page for weekly updates. Gay Night at Cozy Guest House.

Long Beach itself is pretty long and all the bars and party nights are in the Northern part of the beach, look out for the Funky Fish, Klapa Klum which all have there own party nights but my favourite still is the Ozone Bar on a Thursday. Here you can enjoy some nice electronic music, dancing on the beach or even on top of the bar. It is one of my favourite haunts where the music builds up all night and goes on till they sometimes have had enough. Next door to the Ozone is Mr. Wees Pizzeria – its a great place to start your Thursday night with some delicious food. Then in the far south on Saturday nights just off the beach is party night at the Korner Bar.

Relax Bay:

This stunning bay offers a couple of bars with weekly parties, look out for posters about the Independence Bar and Bottle Bar.

Khlong Khong:

All the resorts are nearly family run offering a very friendly relaxed atmosphere. The resorts in this area are also a lot cheaper and many young backpackers and travellers can be found enjoying the parties in the Sound Shack, Somewhere Else, Chocolate Bar, Fishermans Cottage and the Ting Tong bar.

Khlong Nin:

Offers many beach bars like Rasta Baby, O2 Beach Bar, Ottos Bar and Grill and one bar not to be missed on any night is Mongs Bar. The name suggests it all and a nice shake or tea is to be taken with friends any time of the day or night.

Kantiang Bay:

Koh Lanta hosts a few full moon parties. They are not as crazy as Koh Phagnan and can be found on Top View resort in Kantiang Bay. There a also regular half moon parties and black moon parties which can be found around the island. You will normally see large banners along the roadside and posters promoting these. If you are in Kantiang Bay turn right along the beach and you will find the Shroom Bar a very special bar.

If Koh Lanta nightlife is still not enough for you, then consider dropping in to Koh Phi Phi nightlife which goes on all night every night in Tonsai Bay – many people like to party on Phi Phi for a few days and then come to Lanta to chill – and maybe party a bit more, but a bit more gently.

*Please note that many party nights do not get going till around midnight. The island is very long and if you have to travel to a party please take a Tuk Tuk. Drink driving is not allowed in Thailand and there is only one hospital on the island which is not equipped for emergencies. When the party is over there should be Tuk Tuk drivers waiting along the road side. How ever in khlong Nin and Kantiang Bay they may be scarce at 3am so living close to the party where you can walk home and fall on the sand is recommended.

*Please also note after many Sangsom Buckets losing your flip flops, friends or phone and waking up with a lady boy is quite normal.

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